Care and Repair Training Placement

The Care and Repair Training Placement was partly funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme. Leonardo Da Vinci is a Community Programme aims to develop a European area of cooperation in the fields of education and vocational training. The programme emphasizes on the need for quality, innovation and a European dimension of vocational training systems and practices, through transnational cooperation.

In May 2002, the Housing Authority launched the Care and Repair Initiative. Care and Repair was a new concept at the time, thus there were no local practices the Authority could follow. In 2004, the Housing Authority secured EU funding under the Leonardo Da Vinci Programme to support a training placement for staff members in the Care and Repair unit.

Four staff members visited Bristol Care and Repair and the Care and Repair Agency in Leeds to gain first hand experience in tackling housing and care problems. The training placement consisted of an intensive two-week programme. The training programme focused on the general familiarisation of the range of services and the identification of the requirements under this scheme. The financial aspect and evaluation methods of the initiative were also taken into consideration.

Participants benefited from the opportunity to learn more about the way the Care and Repair service is implemented abroad, and to identify and manage the difficulties that were encountered locally. Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to learn about services implemented in agencies abroad which could be adopted here in Malta.